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Westchase Match Play Championship

2017 Westchase Match Play

Individual Match Play Club Championship

Tournament Format

  •     18-hole matches will be played at the competitors scheduling over the designated time period.
  •     Match Play bracket will be established by random draw.
  •     Matches will be conducted at 80% of each player’s course handicap based on their USGA handicap index.
  •     All players must have official USGA handicap or participate in a validated club quota game.
  •     Strokes will be taken where they fall on the card based on the lowest player’s course handicap.
  •     Competitors will be responsible for scheduling matches at an agreeable time. If no agreement can be made by the player’s over the designated time period, the match shall be conducted at a determined time by the tournament committee. Failure to be present at committee designated time will result in a forfeit.
  •     Tournament committee reserves right to decide on designated match times. All matters of handicapping and match scheduling shall be settled by tournament committee. All decisions by committee are final.
  •     Prizes will be awarded to the top eight finishers. Champion will hold the Match Play title for the year.

    Entry Fee $25

  •          Players are responsible for golf fees at time of match.($18.00 cart fee)
  •          Field limited to the first 32 players to register.

  •          Entries close on Tuesday February 28th
  •          Draw will be determined on Wednesday March 1st